Astm 475 Class A/B hot gip galvanized stee strand

Galvanized steel strand usually refers to for catenary messenger wire and cable guy wire, to strengthen the core (core wire or strength member), can also be as the earth wire/ground wire of overhead transmission line, the road on both sides of the block cable barrier cable) or in the structure of the building structure of the cable structure cable).

 Prestressed steel strand of prestressed steel strand of uncoated low relaxation prestressed steel strand (uncoated steel strand for for concrete), zinc (Galvanized), commonly used in bridge, construction, water conservancy, energy and geotechnical engineering, unbonded prestressing steel wire (unbonded steel strand or monostrand) commonly used in the slab and foundation engineering.

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  • Prestressed steel strand of prestressed steel strand of uncoated low relaxation prestressed steel strand (uncoated steel strand for for concrete), zinc (Galvanized), commonly used in bridge, construction, water conservancy, energy and geotechnical engineering, unbonded prestressing steel wire (unbonded steel strand or monostrand) commonly used in the slab and foundation engineering.


    1 single strand consisting of 7 single wires.All wires in all strands have the same or similar dia. 
    Dia.ranges:0.30mm ~ 4.0mm   1x7 ,1 x 19

    1)Meaning: 1 single strand consisting of 19 single wires.All wires in all strands have the same or similar dia.

    2)Dia.ranges:0.3mm ~ 4.0mm

    3)Spec.EN12385-4 (DIN 3053)

    4)Tensile Strength: 1570N/mm2 ~ 1770N/mm2

    5)Lay directon: R.H.L.or L.H.L.

    6)Packing:500mtrs ~ 3,000mtrs per reel

    7)Characteristics:hard,widely used for yachting

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